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At Livonel Healthcare., we’re here to assist with a wide range of support. Our goal is to help disabled individuals with low income find and keeps an accommodation which suits their distinctive needs. Given our community focused mission, we recognize that we as a provider have an important role to play in improving the lives and healthcare outcomes of our customers. 

Housing Stabilization Services
(HSS) is a Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities and seniors find and keep affordable and stable housing.

HSS UMPI #A97615860
HSS is aimed at you who are looking for affordable accommodation and meet all of the following needs-based criteria:
  • Must be 18-years, or older  
  • Facing Housing Instability
  • Must be on Medical Assistance
  • Have a documented disability or disabling condition such as:
                   • A person aged, blind or has a disability
                    Mental illness 
                   • Substance use disorder
                    Learning or development disability   

Our Team of professionals assists you with:
  • Creating your housing budget
  • Find housing which meets your individual needs
  • Understanding the rules of your lease
  • Applying for Financial support
  • Guide you through working with housing management
  • Meeting people in your community
  • Keeping your new home

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If you have a question, interested in our services or want to express a point of view, you are welcome to contact us through our contact form. 
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